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November 28, 2011

Sunglasses Christmas Sale. Fast shipping, guaranteed.

Christmas is a very special time for most of us. Canadians may not be very religious people and despite the fact that Christmas is historically a religious holiday, celebrate it as a major event of the year. To be tactical, Christmas is referred as Winter Holidays in official sources, but in retail no one says Winter Holiday Sale. It will forever be Christmas Sale.

At EyeInform we would like to offer something for you that together will sale will be a real treat – no wait time on your shipments. We selected a number of current sunglasses models that if purchased will be shipped to you within 2 days of purchase. If you live in Canada or US, it guarantees that you will receive your Christmas sunglasses within a week.

Shopping online is surely fun, but what can be more frustrating when you purchased a gift and it’s not on time. As long as you purchase a gift from EyeInform website before December 17, it will be delivered to your door by Christmas.

All immediately available sunglasses models and colors are now posted under Christmas Sunglasses Sale on our website.

Choose from hundreds of options, here are just few ideas.

Christmas Sunglasses for Him

PS 04MS Dior Homme 139S Hugo Boss 0246/S
Prada PS 04MS Dior Homme 0139S Hugo Boss 0246/S
Gucci 1856 Gucci 1894 Tom Ford TF156
Gucci 1856 Gucci 1894 Tom Ford TF156

Christmas Sunglasses for Diva

Tiffany TF3015 Dior Zaza1 Dior Panther 1
Tiffany TF3015 Dior Zaza1 Dior Panther 1

Christmas Luxurious Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli RC518S Tiffany TF4043B Bvlgari BV8088B
Roberto Cavalli RC518S Tiffany TF4043B Bvlgari BV8088B
Tiffany TF4022B Bvlgari BV8079B
Tiffany TF4022B Bvlgari BV8079B

Christmas Sunglasses for Business Lady

Tiffany TF4029 Gucci 3111 Dior Ladylady 2
Tiffany TF4029 Gucci 3111 Dior Ladylady 2
Tiffany TF4032 Gucci 2983 Dior Opposite 2
Tiffany TF4032 Gucci 2983 Dior Opposite 2

Christmas Sunglasses for Fashionista

Gucci 3190/S Gucci 2908 Dior Hatutaa
Gucci 3190/S Gucci 2908 Dior Hatutaa
Roberto Cavalli RC516S Prada PR27NS Prada PR 28NS
Roberto Cavalli RC516S Prada PR 27NS Prada PR 28NS

Christmas Sunglasses for Everybody

Gucci 2898 Dior Bonvoyave Boss 0317
Gucci 2898 Dior Bonvoyage Boss 0317
November 22, 2011

Guccio Gucci, a Man Behind Famous GG. Biography and Label History

Guccio GucciGuccio Gucci is a truly self made millionaire with very interesting life history. When the first Gucci leather suitcase was sold, Gucci was over 40 years old. He, a son of a leather maker, sailed off warm Florence in his late teens to avoid a fate of his father who worked all his life making leather suitcases, belts and other accessories. Who would have known that, 20 years later, Guccio himself would revolutionize the luxury leather bags industry and solidify name Gucci in fashion history forever.

When energetic Guccio left Florence, he was looking for adventure. Best city for excitement was London. In London he got his first job at the Savoy Hotel. During his 20 year career there he kept many titles. Dish washer, waiter, bellhop, concierge were among the few. The pinnacle of his career was an elevator attendant. You may not think of this position as much, but just to give you an idea, Savoy was the first hotel in the world to operate electric elevator. This very same hotel was also the first to install electric lights and telephone prototypes. It was the most central and luxury hotel in Europe in early 20th century. It was the preferred overnight spot for all the celebrities and politicians who visited London. So ambitions Guccio had an honour to give an elevator ride to such famous people as Claude Monet, Merlin Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and countless others. Of course, Guccio, given the frequency of celebrity encounters, was a true Italian networker. He made connections. He observed and learned their styles, their clothing, accessories, jewellery, manners and habits. And then, in 1921, when Gucci was 40 years old, he was let go due to age that was considered unfit for such an important role as elevator attendant.

All savings from the years of hotel service Gucci decided to put towards his own business. He came back to Florence and surprisingly, his father’s business didn’t seem as boring as before any more. With highest quality in mind Guccio Gucci starts production of luxury suitcases bearing the brand name Gucci and symbol GG. Targeting the richest population of Florence Gucci factory quickly turned into producing horse harnessing. Horse sports at that time were considered elite, thus only richest people quickly recognized Gucci brand and with little competition Gucci factory lifted to the new level.

Gucci's sonsGucci factory was inherited by Guccio’s 4 sons who in tight collaboration ran a business to expansion worldwide. During the World War II an iconic bamboo purse handle was born. Since war was a tough time Gucci wanted to create something that resembled humbleness while remaining in high class. Grace Kelly loved the invention so much that she was literally paired with the bamboo purse for years.

Gucci was the first Italian company to open a store in Manhattan in 1953. Guccio suddenly passed away the same year and his sons continued the family trait and eventually opened a fashion house under Gucci brand. The last 20 years of the corporation were rather shaky. Gucci family lost control over the company, one of heirs was brutally murdered and up until recently company almost lost its glory. And then was Tom Ford and now Frida Giannini and what we know of Gucci today.

One last fact is worth mentioning. Gucci was among the first, and today is the oldest Italian fashion company to produce its own Gucci glasses and sunglasses collections. Gucci sunglasses are over 30 years old! No wonder they are so classy and stunning.

November 9, 2011

Bvlgari Sunglasses 2011 Fall Winter Additions

Bvlgari Sunglasses 2011 Fall Winter Collection matches new glasses release. Collection shows a decline in amount of jewellery so famously present in the last many years. Bvlgari sunglasses are gearing towards chic and simple. Italian glamour has stepped down to American elegance. Also note a number of men options and a few ladies models that would be a great fit with prescription lenses.

Bvlgari BV5011 Bvlgari BV6051 Bvlgari BV6052B
Bvlgari BV5011 Bvlgari BV6051 Bvlgari BV6052B
Bvlgari BV8063 Bvlgari 8064 Bvlgari BV8068B
BV8063 BV8064 BV8068B
Bvlgari BV8088B
November 7, 2011

Bvlgari Glasses Fall Winter 2011

Bvlgari glasses made a small step down from massive crystals and rheinstones on their eyewear. Instead brand decided to take a bit less glamorous approach and replace blings with coins, just like in the 2011 jewelery Monet collection as well as simple buckles or rings. Nevertheless Bvlgari glasses still look top notch due to classic shapes and color combinations. In the end of the day, one does not need to light up the streets with the stones on the temples. Rich is in the heart right?

Bvlgari BV1026 Bvlgari BV2045B Bvlgari BV2118B
BV1026 BV2045B BV2118B
Bvlgari BV2119B Bvlgari BV2121 Bvlgari BV3008
BV2119B BV2121 BV3008
Bvlgari BV3015 Bvlgari BV4049B Bvlgari BV4050
BV3015 BV4049B BV4050
Bvlgari BV4053B Bvlgari BV4054B
BV4053B BV4054B

It is nice to see some men models just like metal full rim BV1036 or plastic BV3008. Bvlgari also notably follows cat eye inspiration in BV4053 and Bv4050 while not going too extreme with the idea. Beautiful eyewear for all ages!

November 2, 2011

Fall Eyewear Styles

Here are ten reasons why fall is an amazing season for sunglasses:

  1. Sun is not as bright in the fall as it is in the summer. Lenses of lower intensity will be more comfortable. You can finally try gradient fills and softer lens colors.
  2. Fall/Winter 2011 sunglasses collections for most brand names are released. They are paired with Spring/Summer 2012 clothing collections that were released as well.
  3. Fall sunglasses are perceived more as a fashion accessory as oppose to must have functionals due to less intensive sun in the fall. You can experiment more with shapes and designs of glasses to dress up your overall fall look.
  4. Fall is back to work, back to school, back to intensive driving and travelling for many people. A new pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses is absolutely must-have for many
  5. Have you lost your fav pair of sunglasses somewhere on the beach this year? No worries, fall is a great time to get a new pair.
  6. Many movies have been released over the summer. Sunglasses that were pre-released through films are finally out, just like Cameron Diaz Prada PS 01LS from “Bad Teacher”.
  7. Summer is over, Winter is approaching – a vacation season for many. New swims, new beaches, new sunglasses
  8. Fall’s winds may be heavy, but a good pair of sunglasses will protect your skin, eyes and makeup even in the most severe twists.
  9. Fall is time to start thinking about ski season, that in some regions start as early as October. New pair of designer ski shades like this Gucci 1653 is waiting for you.
  10. You’ve been working a summer job so hard earning extra money. Now is time to spend it. Nothing beats designer sunglasses by price/satisfaction ratio

Check new frames by typing Fall/Winter 2011 in Search to see all new models for Dior Fall Winter 2011, Gucci Fall Winter 2011, Boss Fall Winter 2011, Tiffany Fall Winter 2011, Bulgari Fall Winter 2011 and others.