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September 27, 2011

Tiffany Glasses and Sunglasses Fall Winter 2011 Collection Additions

Tiffany, an iconic American jewellery company, is continuing to put its mark in the eyewear fashion by introducing new glasses and sunglasses models to Fall Winter 2011 season.
By looking at the collection it is clear that company is targeting primarily ladies of either teen or old generations. Designs are elegant with added elements of jewellery such as charms, signature key or rhinestones. Almost every model has signature Tiffany blue color, often combined with black. Glasses are made to appeal to wealthy, jewellery lovers who like sparkle and highly decorated designs. Either way, Tiffany eyewear is a statement, an attention grabber and instant sign of beauty devotion by its wearer.
If you have a large selection of sunglasses and glasses, Tiffany’s Fall Winter 2011 Eyewear collection is one to choose from this season.

Tiffany Fall Winter 2011 Sunglasses

Tiffany TF4026 Tiffany TF4045 Tiffany TF4046B
Tiffany TF4026G Tiffany TF4045 Tiffany TF4046B
Tiffany TF4047B Tiffany TF4048B Tiffany TF4050
Tiffany TF4047B Tiffany TF4048B Tiffany TF4050

Tiffany Fall Winter 2011 Glasses

Tiffany TF1055B Tiffany TF1056B Tiffany TF1057G
Tiffany TF1055B Tiffany TF1057G
Tiffany TF1059B Tiffany TF2041 Tiffany TF2042
Tiffany TF1059B Tiffany TF2041B Tiffany TF2042
Tiffany TF2043B Tiffany TF2044B Tiffany TF2047B
Tiffany TF2043B Tiffany TF2044B Tiffany TF2047B
September 26, 2011

A Real Reason Behind D&G Brand Shutdown

Breaking news about D&G line shutdown has certainly left many fashion critics wondering about a real reason behind sanity of this business decision. D&G, a youth line has been announced to live it’s last season during the Spring/Summer 2012 collection demonstration after which D&G will be history. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana explained the decision saying that the line was always meant to be a sibling to the main brand Dolce & Gabbana. Over the past few years D&G however outshined the father brand thus turning the consumer away from the main line.  Hm… so you guys are cutting the most profitable line in your company? Does it even make sense?

It is normal that during recession discounted luxury brands did better than luxury or mid-market. Companies such as Coach even capitalized on the idea by opening factory stores that are selling more than their flagship stores. Roberto Cavalli put more efforts on developing Just Cavalli line opening first JC flagship stores in Italy and the US. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

It is not a secret that both D&G founders are not friends with finances and the tax man. In 2009 Domenico and Stefano were charged for tax evasion for having moved the head office from Italy to Luxembourg thus hiding over $200 in taxes. But no one would think that guys would make such a daring move to kill one of the most successful brands in fashion history.

I think, a real reason is counterfeit. It is clear that D&G brand was either not trademarked on time nor is just too simple to double trademark. Some Donna and Garry can came out and argue that they also deserve D&G name to be used for trades. Acronyms in US are not even allowed to be trademarked.

Over the years of travelling across the word I have never seen more of any other brand name than D&G. One time I visited excursion to Turkey’s famous Salt Pools and on the way was brought to the cotton factory. In the factory shop along with famous Turkish towels and linens there was a huge section of pants and shirts with D&G label on it. Now, that was 10 years ago. Just this year I went to Paris and saw a huge D&G store on one of the central touristic streets. Happily, I went in there and was instantly disappointed. Not only I saw over 500 items on display, which is impossible as each D&G collection is not more than 40 items, but also all items were made in China. It is widely known that D&G is one of the few lines that is still made in Italy under rigorous control of both founders.  Ok, no one is even surprised by Turkey, but Paris! This is over the board. To conclude, in Toronto, in Yorkville (one block away of Bay & Bloor) which is the most touristic area of the city there is a store called Gabbana. It used to face another store called Dolce. I asked the store personnel a few years ago whether there is any affiliation with the famous brand and was told, that Dolce & Gabbana are simply two stores carrying same name.

Anti-counterfeit policy is the only solid reason that comes to my mind that logically explains why D&G brand has been shut down. One can’t blame Gominico and Stafano for not willing to share their success with thousands of other counterfeit shops. Dolce & Gabbana company is still privately owned. Unlike LVMH or much larger Armani Corporation Dolce & Gabbana has simply no resources to protect their Intellectual Property.

We can only hope that genius designers will quickly come up with a better lower luxury brand name and do all proper steps to protect the identity without leaving out the dedicated fans from the pleasure of buying their fashion creations for a rather reasonable price. For now D&G glasses and D&G sunglasses are becoming collectibles and are definitely worth checking out. At Eyeinform, you can be assured, glasses are authentic.

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September 9, 2011

John Galliano is Guilty

Yesterday Paris court has issued a guilty verdict on John Galliano. The punishment, as expected is rather symbolic – 6000 euro. John Galliano now is officially convicted by court in a hate crime and will bear a criminal record for the rest of his life.

The loudest fashion scandal of 2011 is now over. It began in late February of this year, when John Galliano has been arrested for anti-Semitic accusations spoken while drunk in Paris bar in the midst of Paris Fashion Week. The arrest would not have been so unusual if not Galliano had been fired by the House of Dior, subsidiary of LVMH the following night. The act followed by the video leak where John is taped in a drunk state yet in another bar where he clearly favours Hitler. Galliano’s black stripe of events continued with him being removed as a lead designer from “John Galliano” fashion brand, also owned by LVMH as part of Dior suite. The one day trial took place on June 22 where the details of the event were discussed including detailed analysis of Galliano’s childhood, early years as designer, his private life and his recent career.

John Galliano scandal is one of the loudest in the fashion history and the most covered by press in the history of modern media. The amateur video that became a grand evidence of true Galliano’s beliefs has been watched over 1 million times. There is no fashion magazine or blog that didn’t cover the event as it progressed over the course of past 7 months.

While there are few popular fashion figures such as top model Kate Moss and Voque Editor Anna Wintour, who came to defence and support the disreputable designer, the shade of shame will be hanging over his name for a while. By most part this is because he has yet to admit his wrongdoing, to apologize or to demonstrate sorrow for the things he said on public about Asians and Jews. One would think that logical way to rebuild reputation is to spend time with related charities, accept interview invites or do at least something. Until any of this happens, John Galliano page in now part of history in fashion world.