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July 15, 2011

Why High Collar Shirts are So Hard to Find

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld reinvented himself and lost 90 pounds 10 years ago he started to wear high fashion clothing and with years progressing his style turned into a focal point of media and press. In fact Karl Lagerfeld is the most photographed designer in the world and the most known. He explained his weight loss “I suddenly wanted to dress differently, to wear clothes designed by Hedi Slimane”. Hedi Slimane is a French fashion designer who is currently working on releasing his own label. Among his notable employers are Dior (Dior Homme collection), Prada and Gucci. Perhaps Slimane was the one to come up with a high collar shirt design that Karl has been wearing over and over again.

But if you try to purchase a shirt like that you will run into trouble. Shockingly none of the big man labels are carrying them. Not even Harry Rosen, not even Chanel itself. Why? What is so hard about it?

Well, partially is that a true high collar, one that goes all the way to the chin, must be custom made. Historically all men shirts were custom made. Collars were detachable. Karl’s shirts are made that way too. There was an episode in the beginning of Private Confidential biographic documentary where it is shown that Karl has a massive drawer with probably couple of hundreds of such collars. When inquired from Chanel store manager in Toronto it was confirmed that shirts are indeed custom made for Karl. Just look at the variety? Collars and cuffs are often of a different color to create contrast. Sometimes they are of the same fabric as the shirt on the outside and have inner lining on the inside. Until Hedi Slimane or another men designer will start including these shirts into ready-to-wear collections all we got is to enjoy pictures of fashionable Karl.

July 14, 2011

Prada Glasses 2011 – Prescription Classics

Prada is one of the best keepers of original brand traditions. Ever since creation the idea of quality has been the major mover throughout an ever evolving fashion world. Prada does not bend under the temptations to reinvent fashion. Now, under the creative management of Miuccia Prada, company is producing models that are meant to last for decades. While some admire trendiness of progressive designers such as Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and futuristic Donatella Versace, Miuccia moves along her own brand style. And this is particularly admirable in the world of eyewear. When everyone is happy to try crazy designs, sale goes to one that makes face look better and more beautiful. Please check new Prada 2011 Glasses collection!

Something for Men

Prada PR 04NVA glasses Prada PR 12LV glasses Prada PR 17GV glasses
Prada PR 04NVA Prada PR 12LV Prada PR 17GV
Prada PR 52LV glasses Prada PR 52MV glasses Prada PR 55IV glasses
Prada PR 52LV Prada PR 52MV Prada PR 55IV

Something for Ladies

Prada PR 03LVN glasses Prada PR 06LV glasses Prada PR 06MV glasses
Prada PR 03LVN Prada PR 06LV Prada PR 06MV
Prada PR 07LV glasses Prada PR 09MV glasses Prada PR 10MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV glasses Prada PR 21LV glasses Prada PR 54MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV Prada PR 21LV Prada PR 54MV

Prada 2011 Unisex Glasses

Prada PR 01LVN glasses Prada PR 13LV glasses Prada PR 16HV glasses
Prada PR 01LVN Prada PR 13LV Prada PR 16HV
Prada PR 59LV glasses Prada PR 59MV glasses Prada PR 74LV glasses
Prada PR 59LV Prada PR 59MV Prada PR 74LV

Prada 2011 Super Fashion

Prada PR 15MV glasses Prada PR 22LV glasses Prada PR 56LV glasses
Prada PR 15MV Prada PR 22LV Prada PR 56LV
Prada PR 58IV glasses Prada PR 60IV glasses Prada PR 65LV glasses
Prada PR 58IV Prada PR 60IV Prada PR 65LV
Prada PR 66LV glasses Prada PR 68LV glasses Prada PR 71IV glasses
Prada PR 66LV Prada PR 68LV
July 7, 2011

Sunglasses for Big Heads. Tips, Ideas, Styles.

Many men find it challenging to chose a nice pair of sunglasses because they have a big head. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, everyone has their own problem and while it’s true many optical stores don’t offer wide selection of glasses for big heads necessarily it does not mean that people with average sized or small heads have large choices. Finding glasses is not like finding shoes. Nose bridge, cheek bones, ear positioning, face shape – all adds their own layer of complexity to finding right glasses. In this post we would like to offer tips to finding glasses for big heads. And offer some nice styles to chose from.

How big is big?

Ok, first let’s see what would be considered “big head”. If to look through majority of designer sunglasses offered for sale today, size over 142 mm in width would be big. In addition, lens over 64 mm and bridge 18 mm or more would qualify as big.

Frame width 146mm + Lens width 64mm + Bridge width 18mm +

How to know your size?

Take a ruler, ideally plastic that can bend a bit and measure your head from one temple to another. Keep in mind that glasses normally extend a few cm on the side. If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit, it is easier to take measurements from it following the pictures above. If you are lucky you will find some measurements printed on the side of the temple of your glasses. Today, most of the glasses specify lens width, bridge width and temple length. Writing will be something like this: 63 x 17 136. First two numbers are lens and bridge width. The last number is temple length. Temple size is of less concern as it is usually made in proportion and if too large can stick out a bit – it’s normal. Just make sure you don’t assume that 136 is frame width, it’s not. Frame width needs to be calculated: 2 x Lens width + Bridge width. So, in our example: 63 x 2 + 17 = 143 mm.

Glasses styles for big head

Many styles will fit. You are lucky this year because trend is actually toward bigger sunglasses, so choices are huge. Some men like rectangular sunglasses, especially if they have a very round head. Square glasses will balance it out. All time classics aviators will also fit many face shapes and very big heads. They are already made very large by design and will cover the eye from all directions. Just keep in mind that aviator glasses were initially made for sport, so even now when there are many variations of the shape, aviators tend to look more casual than rectangular glasses. I personally really like shield shape on big head men. Shields wrap around the face in front adding some trendiness to the look. There are also shields with combination of aviator drop shape – good option for stylish men. This year you will find nice Dior Homme and Gucci sunglasses inspired by Carrera style – two lenses that blend on the bridge. This is a true military look. Check our suggestions.

Rectangular – Business Style

E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 glasses Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 glasses Prada PR 54IS sunglasses GUCCI 1856 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 Prada PR 54IS GUCCI 1856

Aviator – Casual Style

GUCCI 1889 glasses BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS glasses
GUCCI 1889 Hugo BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 glasses Gucci 1956 sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3026 sunglasses
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 Gucci 1956 Ray-Ban RB3026

Shields – Universal Style for All Occassions

D&G DD8039 sunglasses Armani E_ARMANI 9423 sunglasses Prada PS 07HS sunglasses
D&G DD8039 Armani E_ARMANI 9423 Prada PS 07HS
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268

Racing Inspired Style – Military and Tough

Carrera BACK 80 Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695 glasses
Carrera BACK 80’s Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934 sunglasses
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934
July 4, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana. Their Story

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

This Italian “sweet couple” – fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, managed to do almost the impossible. In less than ten years they turned their small Milanese atelier into an international fashion empire. When Armani, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent were already cashing out on their corporations, Dolce & Gabbana were sitting in a small coffee shop sharing their dreams.
Today Dolce & Gabbana partnership has made a mark in a fashion history introducing decorated ripped jeans, a bra as outerwear and an overall “lingerie style” that turns women into real life sex bombs.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana partnership is a living illustration of the law of unity and struggle of opposites. They even look very, very different. Domenico, a chubby Sicilian, is a reserved introvert, loves black and prefers to spend evenings at home. His father owned a small tailor shop. From 6 years of age boy worked as his father’s assistant. Almost with his eyes closed he could sew the sleeve to the jacket for which he was nicknamed “Mozart”. In his spare time as a hobby he created miniature suits and dresses from fabric leftovers.

Handsome, Stefano, 4 years younger than Domenico, confessed that at teenage years he was already a frantic fashionista. At the beginning of each season, he went shopping scouting for the most fashionable thing at the moment. Stefano – in contrast to Dolce, was born in northern Italy, is tall, lean and communicable, loves travelling and clubbing.

Before forming a business partnership they first became lovers. After 20 years together they broke up as a couple, but continue to do everything together – create new collections, travel, argue and support each other.

Their vision on fashion is what sets them apart from other clothing makers. They believe that the essence of fashion comprises of a few basic shapes: pants, skirts, blouses, jackets and everything is revolving around these concepts. They are not trying to invent anything new, but simply to offer their own practical and aesthetic version of what is already there. This does not mean that nothing fundamentally new can’t come out of the process. For example, the Italian sweet couple were first to put men’s suits on a naked woman’s body. They turned underwear into an outerwear.

They think of a future wearer of their garments and imagine the person receiving compliments on how they look. Compliments boost confidence and confident people feel sexy. In general, a woman can’t be sexy just because she wears a particular dress. Sexuality – it is something more: her attitude to life, her individual style or behaviour. But clothes can only enhance this trait. Sometimes a woman has no idea how sexy she is. And then, standing before a mirror in the dressing room, she suddenly understands – I have a beautiful body!

Another interesting fact about D&G creations is that they prefer the pure colors: black, white, deep red as oppose to mixed or artificial colors.

Inspiration is taken from real life characters – Madonna, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida. Their amazing body, covered in tight corsets, their grace, their belts, lacy tops, and their large breasts and shapely legs drive men mad. Dolce & Gabbana propelled this high voltage erotic into their collections: thin waist, tops, bras peeping from under the jacket, lace stockings and transparent dresses. But D&G sexiness has tact, you never see in their collections bare breast or butt. Designers agreed that female body should look tempting, but it should not look indecent.

Madonna in Dolce & Gabbana famous bra

One of their dreams once came true. Their icon Madonna walked into their atelier to make a deal to design costumes for her tour. At the end of negotiations, they formed an agreement under which designers had to make costumes for “The Girlie” tour. Costumes were to be not only for Madonna but for all musicians and dancers. In less than two months Dolce and Gabbana had to produce 1500 costumes, most of which were sewn and decorated by hand. This collaboration left Madonna happy and designers in stake of a shock. At the time of signing the agreement one important detail was not clarified – the amount they would receive for their work. As a result, simple Italian guys worked as volunteers and Madonna has proven herself as a real “material girl”. Although designers did get something out of this collaboration – fame, experience in entering such agreements and an ability to scale the business to what it is now.

Currently the Dolce & Gabbana business produces a turnover of over $1 billion a year. Between two lines Dolce & Gabbana and a youth D&G company produces clothing, purses, shoes and accessories. D&G glasses and D&G sunglasses, made in Italy, are offered in Eyeinform online store since this year. Dolce & Gabbana boutiques are now opened all over the world, some in own label stores and some as kiosks in luxury malls such as Neiman Marcus, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are still young and are set to create new collections years to come.