Gucci 2011 – Collection Additions

Gucci has taken an offensive market penetration approach this year and released a large collection of both ophthalmic and sunglasses collection. We covered details of the initial Gucci 2011 glasses collection in earlier post. But as year moves on, Gucci came up with more models that are lovely! Check them out before buying anything else:

2011 Gucci Glasses Frames


Gucci 1645 glasses Gucci 1650 glasses Gucci 2893 glasses
Gucci 1645 Gucci 1650 Gucci 2893
Gucci 2894 glasses Gucci 2910 glasses Gucci 3200 glasses
Gucci 2894 Gucci 2910 Gucci 3200
Gucci 3201 glasses Gucci 3204 glasses
Gucci 3201 Gucci 3204

2011 Gucci Sunglasses


Gucci 1647/S glasses Gucci 1649/S glasses Gucci 1656/S glasses
Gucci 1647/S Gucci 1649/S
Gucci 3206/S glasses Gucci 3207/S glasses Gucci 3208/S glasses
Gucci 3206/S Gucci 3207/S

As usually many of the models come in different color. And color – is the main element of determining the style, especially in plastic models. You may also notice that some of the models have a hint on cat eye shape with raised corners. Gucci is positioning themselves to appeal to younger market, people who are trendy, but in the same time value brand name appeal and quality. These recent models are made in this strategy in mind.

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  1. looks like good colletion 😀

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