Tiffany 2011 Glasses Collection – A Guide To Elegance

Tiffany is relatively new to eyeglasses business. Their first collection launched in 2009 and right there and then it took a solid spot in jewelery eyewear. A splash was made with sunglasses decorated with real Tiffany diamonds and logo made out of sterling silver. Many are still looking for these models that unfortunately are all sold out. But…! 2011 collection does have appeal due to super thought through feminine shapes, charm embeddings and Tiffany signature green color. Enjoy!

Something Serious

Tiffany TF2035 Tiffany TF2036
TF2035 TF2036
Tiffany TF2023 Tiffany TF2037G
TF2023 TF2037G

Something Girly

TF2033 Tiffany TF2016 Tiffany TF1050
TF2033 TF2016 TF1050

Something Dressed

Tiffany TF2011B 8001 Tiffany TF2011B 8049
TF2011B 8001 TF2011B 8049

Sunglasses Classic

Tiffany TF3022 Tiffany TF3023
TF3022 TF3023
Tiffany TF4023 Tiffany TF4024
TF4023 TF4024

Sunglasses Chic

Tiffany TF4025B Tiffany TF3024B Tiffany TF4043
TF4025 TF3024B TF4043B

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