Purple Sunglasses – Color Your Life

It is estimated that black and brown colors make over 70 % of all glasses purchases. Even people who have many glasses still tend to get dark frames for sunglasses. But the trend is really towards more color this year. Purple is a great option because it is not very intrusive as compared to yellow for example, but in the same time quite settled. Purple glasses look good with many other colors. It looks nice with black, brown, white, gold, silver, bronze, tortoise and shades of self.

Check out our collection of purple glasses:


Just Cavalli JC318S Valentino VAL 5753
Valentino VAL 5622 Roberto Cavalli RC529S
Tom Ford TF0167 Roberto Cavalli RC535S


Just Cavalli JC328S Emporio Armani E_Armani 9637/S
Valentino VAL 5688 Roberto Cavalli RC515S Roberto Cavalli RC518S


Dior 61/2Tiffany TF4025BRoberto Cavalli RC587S

Ovals and Shields

Valentino VAL 5692/S Just Cavalli JC324S
Prada PR 22MS Prada PS 51GS

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