Blogger is Back – Not For Us

As swings in technology happen, downtime is almost a given for a major services like Twitter, Skype and Gmail. We are so used to this that learnt to ignore related news or buzz from our friends. But now with Blogger joining the down time club we just can’t ignore it. Now it hurts right in the heart.

I was absolutely shocked to login to my blog hosted by Blogger and find out that blog is completely gone. GONE! All posts, design and even sub-domain are no longer available. Most peculiar thing is that when I typed my blog name in the search it said “Name is available – go ahead register a blog under this name”. Wow! So, all my followers, posts, links were created for nothing.

Is this a Friday 13 joke?

When I went to Help Forum trying to log a bug with little hope anyone will reply I stumbled on their post “Blogger is Back”. Post was published today at 10:45 AM, probably PST time. So, the statement “Blogger is Back” was made long 3 hours ago and my blog does not seem to have been included as a part of it.

We have had a similar story with Skype unavailability in March and experienced some down time on WordPress few months ago. So, no one is perfect and you can’t expect much of a free blog. This cumulative experience seriously makes us consider using on our own servers. This also prompts us to invest some time and back up all the posts we did on our blogs to avoid hair loss next time.

In the meanwhile, we pray that Blogger will figure things out and be back for sure with our blog inclusive.

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