Trending This Week – Kate Middleton Dress and The Royal Wedding

Following the event of the year The Royal Wedding has stirred some awesome buzz in the fashion industry. A few hours event has brought a number of trends that flew into a fashion world and will stay for a long time.

The Dress

By no doubt that dress was a sensation. Is it because of Alexadr McQueen brand? Probably not. I think no matter what Kate would have worn it would have been a sensation anyway. In fact, there was very little flavour of McQueen flamboyant style in that dress. But from political standpoint choosing a British designer, especially a woman designer (Sarah Burton), it was a calculated move. Style wise the dress followed quite popular in the last few years “A line” shape and lace. Ivanka’s Trump dress from last year, made by Vera Wang, was very similar to one of Kate. Lace sleeves and neckline has been a modern solution for brides that need to cover bear skin for religious, weather or simply preference purposes. This idea has been present in popular wedding dress designers Vivienne Westwood, Pronovias and Monique Lhuillier. Kate Middleton brought this idea to a different level and we will see much more of similar designs this and next year in action.

The Hat

Wearing a matching hat to official events is an old British tradition. While outfit generally stays modest, usually conserved in one color tone, the hat is the object of the wildest fashion ideas. According to our observation hat not always was following the outfit color scheme, fabric or style. It was made a center point of the outfit, and the dress itself was almost an accessory to the hat. Hat adds grandness and festivity to the overall look and no doubt it will become much more popular among young generations in the next coming years.

The Skirt Suit

British ladies are much keener on wearing skirts to work or casually as compared to American women who prefer pants. So it was no surprise that every woman with no exception appeared in a dress or a skirt suit to The Royal Wedding. We must note that preference was given to skirts above the knee. Pencil skirt with a matching jacket or a cardigan was often accompanied by pointy shoes on a short heel. Outfits of this style are classic and are widely available from many designers. We expect to see more options in stores as a result of this wedding.

The Cardigan

Cardigan paired with a set of gloves and a matching skirt is a very elegant solution for ladies that want to appear more formal. In the last few years cardigan has been trending as a coat dress and attempted to enter the mainstream through such manufacturers as Laura, Bedo, Save The Queen and others. Alternatively a dressy cardigan can be worn with a pair of jeans or pants adding elegance to your more casual style for every day outings.

Full Dress For Men

Many men chose penguin style jacket as oppose to short tuxedo. Notably pants often didn’t match the color of the jacket and went as a set with a vest. In some cases all three pieces vest, pants and jacket were of a different color tone with bright tie that gave an outfit less formality.

Many British men of a Royal class wore military uniform which to my opinion was the most fun to watch. The Royal Wedding is one of the few occasions when British men are allowed to put on a Full Dress – the most elaborate order worn by members of British Army. Medals, golden tassels, army bands and a civilian mounted sword were present on outfits of Prince William, Prince Charles, members of the Royal Family and many other local guests. Cute little boys were also wearing replicas of military attire to match the ones of their fathers. We expect that elements of Full Dress military style may turn into a trend for wedding suits in North America following the Royal Wedding.


Unfortunately sunglasses were not trending during the Royal Wedding. I expected to see at least somebody, but a bit cloudy weather in the morning was not giving enough reason for guests to put on this beautiful accessory. If you find a photo with someone wearing a pair, please let me know.

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