Gucci Glasses 2011 Collection

Gucci is one of the most progressive brands in fashion eyewear. A lot of attention is given to sustaining and growing the image of luxurious brand, task that is only possible by continuous quality control, design innovation and creative marketing. Over the years Gucci has been trying to create eyeglasses that will last many years and still appear updated and chic. Shapes are classic, temple decorations are modest and colors relatively versatile. Tortoise, brown and black are most common colors which can be traced to the collection of Gucci purses that today are a hidden dream of every fashion forward lady.

Year of 2011 has brought a number of trends that we covered in depth in a previous articles. Gucci collection has adopted the trend of oversized minimalism and gender neutrality that can be clearly seen in many of these 2011 models. Many frames fit equally men and ladies and instead of dictating the look, they only accompany and emphasise the style of its owner. In these Gucci sunglasses and Gucci glasses men look strong and rich, at the same time ladies look feminine and chic wearing same models. Enjoy the collection.

Gucci Ophthalmic Frames 2011

Gucci 1948 Gucci 1942
Gucci 1644 Gucci 3181
Gucci 3184 Gucci 3186

Gucci Sunglasses 2011

Gucci 1612/S Gucci 1636/S
Gucci 1646/S Gucci 1950/S
Gucci 2887/S Gucci 2890/S
Gucci 2897/S Gucci 2899/S

2 Responses to “Gucci Glasses 2011 Collection”

  1. They look fabulose!!!Gucci is the best


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