Top 10 Most Interesting iPhone Fashion Applications

There are over 1000 fashion related applications for the iPhone. These range from basic shopping applications to complex graphic games. We tried over 100 popular apps and narrowed them down to top 10. Winners ranked the highest on usefulness, quality and idea. All of the apps are FREE. Some of them are extremely simple and some took teams of programmers to create. Which ones are your favourite?

1. Go Try It On
This app tops our list. It’s a social media powered app that lets you upload photos of yourself and get an opinion from other people about your outfit. Most of the people seem to upload pictures right from the fitting room when deciding whether to buy the item or from their bedroom in the morning. You can comment on other people looks or simply vote Yea or Nea. Some people get hundreds of votes.After poking with the application for a while I realized that commenting on other people looks is actually as much fun as uploading your own. It took a while to set up the profile, but once it was done it was very easy going forward. Application is also useful to learn about different regions and what people wear in other parts of the world. You’ll find people from Europe, New Zealand and anchor cities such as NY, San Francisco etc.
2. StyleStudioStyleStudio is a free iPhone application that lets you design your own clothing. How often you came up with an outfit idea and you want to show it to someone but you don’t have enough drawing skills? StyleStudio does just that – lets you create your own designs for various clothing items such as pants, skirts, dresses and even some of the assecories. Beautifully made app with lots of options for silhouette, material patterns and colors, cuttings, add on details for each clothing type. You can create entire outfits and combine them on the model to see the fit. There is an upgraded version of this application with even more features. Excellent quality, graphics and idea implementation.
3. HairstyleEvery year we see movies with detectives trying to assemble photo robot of a criminal. They try face features and hair styles. Have you ever wanted to try different hairs on your own head? Hairstyle does just that – lets you match your head with different haircuts and styles. Free app has only 6 styles but you can get over 200 by upgrading for $2.99. If you are a hair dresser this would be a killer app for you. If not, it still could make a cool game to entertain your friends.
4. ModiFaceModiFace is a makeup iPhone application that lets you upload your own picture and apply makeup to it to see how it looks, presumably before applying it to the real face. Try different eyeshade colors, lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners, all with a few clicks of a button. This application is very well done as it lets to identify the face features and apply make up quite realistically. If you don’t want to use your own face you can use other models’ faces. Easy to understand description shows close up look of a face part and color swatches step by step. From there you can find a store and purchase eye shadow or beauty goods in case you are missing them from your make up tote.
5. iPhone application is a collection of fashion show videos from latest fashion weeks around the world, critics’ opinion, designer and model interviews. This simple, but very well made application provides hours of video footage that will get you addicted. No commercials, no banner ads – just pure fashion channel on your iPhone. While there is no novelty in this application, it is much needed for true fashionistas as it taps to a professional world of fashion of its highest class.
6. Vogue Wish ListHow often you are browsing through a magazine wondering what brand name is an item that caught your eye and where to get it. One may say, well it is in the magazine, you can just check it online? Well, first, not all pictures are tagged for brand name, price etc. Second, what if you read about it in Chapters or in grocery store while waiting in line? You won’t remember the name. With Vogue application you can take a picture of the magazine and get an instant item description about the maker, price and where to get it. To completely rock the next step for this application would be to provide a list of all items from the magazine so we don’t need to scan each page.
7. Elle CanadaElle magazine utilized very simple, but very useful idea for its app – to share the latest gossips, tips and news via simplified menu. Get this application for free and your time will be filled with hours of quality reading, and photos that you can share via Facebook, Twitter or Email. We did check other similar magazines and found that Elle rates higher when it comes to ease of use and quality of information.
8. LuckyLucky magazine iPhone app provides ultimate shopping experience. Browse thousands of items and find them in local stores or online, check deals of the day or organize items in your wish list. App is quite simple and useful if you are out of ideas or looking for something specific.
9. Pop ArtThis is an Andy Warhol transformer iPhone app that turns a photo into colourful tiles. Very simple to use, takes seconds to get Andy Warhol tiles of any object that subsequently can be saved on your phone. Few configurations let you adjust the number and layout of the tiles.
10. What’s Your Fashion StyleYourStyle is a simple quiz to help you determine what style is yours. Some questions are a bit limiting, like what is your favourite store from a list of 5. None of them was for me, but I chose one most similar to my fav. I ended up being Trendy! Yey…

Other unique ideas:
1. iMade for Skate – a skateboarders’ portal and encyclopaedia of skateboard fashion, tips, ideas, stories and more.
2. Color Fashion $0.99 lets you change color of any part of the picture. It could be your hair, clothes, shoes or your dog!
3. iShoes and iBags – a collection of shoes and bags with built in search engine to search by brand and style. While these apps are free, they didn’t work for me. Good idea, but needs some bug fixing and/or richer database.
4. Justin Bieber Fashion $2.99 – dress Justin Beieber game. How about undress Justin Bieber?

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