The Most Glamorous Sunglasses of 2011

Every year we watch Haute Couture collections and analyze them to catch current trends. Collections are presented in Milan, Paris, New York each season and are followed by extensive media coverage in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and countless other magazines and TV programs. This year is no exception. We covered noticeable eyewear trends earlier giving you snapshot on both glasses and sunglasses styles for 2011. But this year has also brought styles that stand above general trends. Here we present the most flamboyant, glamorous and beautiful glasses that are commercially available today. While completely wearable some will find them a bit too crazy. You either love them or hate them. But love alone is not enough. Question is “Are you daring to wear them?”.

Prada PR 05NS This mean looking frame is a first mover, “matrix” inspired style. It follows the general trend of raised eyebrow line, however is the only one of its kind among lead brand names. It’s the only cat eye shaped frame that is narrow. Minimalistic decor on the temple is thought through to fit both ladies and men.

Dior Panther 1
These Dior sunglasses are made special because of the combination of cat eye shape and animal print that reinforces the wild feel. One can almost say “Rrrrrr” when putting them on.
Dior Striking Another Dior with a name that speaks for itself – Striking. Yes, this “space craft” inspired sunglasses it is not only striking but also shocking and especially creative. It follows the trend of minimalism and will fit both men and ladies.
Bvlgari BV8081B Bvlgari chose to showcase this frame in all their 2011 print ads for a reason. It is the most representative of an idea of jewellery because of massive coloured crystal on the arm. It may not look very big on glasses picture, but it surely does on Julianne Moore ad that came out with a controversy adding the glasses even more glamour
Roberto Cavalli RC587 Snake has been a signature decoration on Roberto Cavalli glasses for a few years now. Ladies love it, men hate it. But these sunglasses got their snake to be especially huge. Extravagant color choices add viciousness to the style.
Valentino VAL 5766 This Venice mask inspired glasses are the most beautiful for Valentino 2011 collection. Can you count how many crystals are there? Perhaps around thousand. Can you only imagine how much work went into making this one? A true glamour! This one you can pass to your daughter and granddaughter years later and it will still be current. The model is available in silver and gold colors
John Galliano JG00010 John Galliano made a debut in releasing a collection of sunglasses last year. Many models are made above and beyond what is considered “ready to wear” by mainstream public. Many sunglasses have exaggerated something. It could be oversized shape, absolutely crazy color combinations or shapes. But this what made his sunglasses look a true fashion accessory. They are made to decorate your face.
Oakley Radar Range 

Oakley Jawbone

Oakley glasses deserve a place in this post. They create and follow their own trends, turning many models into classics. They are not in fashion business; they are in high quality sunglasses business. If you are looking for a glamor while you bike, skateboard or run, Oakley sunglasses will rock. Jawbone frame comes with two sets of lenses giving your more options to transition your look from striking to very striking.

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