Eyeglasses for the Wedding

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While surprisingly not a common topic in wedding event planning books, getting right glasses and sunglasses should be on your prep list if you are organizing an event of your life. Your and your partners’ faces will be forever captured in photos and your guest memories.  You are spending tens of thousands of dollars on the event. Do yourself a favour – get a right pair of glasses. Depending on where you are spending most of your day – inside or outside, you may even need both glasses and sunglasses. In this article we will cover prescription glasses styles to fit your needs and will be getting into sunglasses in the next post.

So why do you need glasses? You may say, well I am coved, I’ve got contact lenses. Even if you are wearing contacts every day, getting a pair of glasses is still a good idea. Expect the unexpected. Wind may blow and cause excessive tearing that may wash off your lenses. You may even drop your own, natural tear during the ceremony or speeches. You may have a sleepless night before the big day and wake up to irritated eyes. Whether your plan on sticking to contacts or not, you should still have a decent pair of glasses.

Ok, what about styles? A number of factors may help you decide on a right type of frame.


This could be great if you normally don’t wear glasses. Rimless glasses are least noticeable on your face and won’t strike your partner or guest as a change on the day of event. They look very clean and dressy even with minimal decor. You can make a step further and get rimless frame with temples decorated with crystals or rein stones to go with your necklace and earrings. This will add richness to your overall look.

Roberto Cavalli RC0475 Tiffany TF1017B Boss 0322


Semi-rimless glasses make a great option if you need progressive lenses. During the day you will be looking different distances: far away into the crowd, close to you on your significant half and very close to read a bible or a speech. If you have trouble with both reading and distance vision, consider getting progressive lenses. This way not only you wouldn’t need to handle two pairs of glasses, but also look consistent on pictures. Ultimately you don’t want too much attention on your glasses so, having a one descent pair should be enough. This said, if your vision is very bad, we would recommend having a back-up pair, but this is a different subject. Rimless frames are also very suitable for progressive, but if you are not a fan of rimless, semi-rimless is a great alternative.

Tiffany TF1050 Gucci 1936 Boss 0236

Plastic Full Rim

These types of frames will let express your personal style in the best possible way. If you are young and trendy, geeky plastic frames will add charm, especially if you are a guy. Full rim frames look heavier on the face, but show more color and design. If you are used to wearing those and people are used to seeing you in them, by all means go for a similar full rim frame. You can also have some fun choosing a frame from the same brand as your suit or jewellery to match.

Dior 3181 Boss 0156 Gucci 1630

Metal Full Rim

Metal glasses are a great option if you want to experiment with color. More color combinations and temple designs are available in metal than in plastic. Also, if you like gold or silver metal is very suitable. In addition, metal frames have that perfect balance between disappearing rimless and bulky plastic full rim.

Bvlgari BV2075B Roberto Cavalli 0429 Gucci 1866/U

And here are a few Don’ts:

– Don’t get transition lenses. While it may sound like a great idea since transition lenses will darken on the sun and function as a sunglasses outside, they won’t look good on pictures. They will darken as long as they are exposed to the UV even when it’s cloudy . Also, prescription frames with dark lenses tend to look old fashion, this is how sunglasses looked 20 years ago.

– Don’t save on coatings. When filling your frames with lenses, make sure you request anti-glair coating. Otherwise glasses will reflect flash from camera and some pictures turn out bad.

– Don’t delay. Remember, just finding and buying a right frame may take a few weeks. It may take another few weeks to get prescription filled. Sometimes there are delays at the lab or lenses need to be redone. Budget at least two months for getting a right pair of glasses worry-free.

Congratulations on your occasion. We are glad to offer you a great selection of brand name glasses frames. Search our website for glasses by material, shape, type of frame and brand. Stay tuned for next articles.

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