Sunglasses Trends 2011

Following the overview of ophthalmic frame trends for 2011, we can’t wait to tell you what’s new for sunglasses. Unlike prescription glasses, that still in the bottom of mind are considered health items by many, sunglasses are all about fashion. General fashion trends are often passed on to sunglasses with each season. Sunglasses are also often worn by models during the runway shows. Here are some notable similarities for Spring 2011.

Cat Eye

Cat Eye is super big this season. There were few first movers last year testing the market. This year almost every fashion forward brand name has their version of cat eye. These shapes have a potential of becoming all time classic and we feel will stay current for the next 5 years at the very least. Presently you will find many variations of cat eye, more balanced and fitted for different face types. Some sunglasses models are even made with catty color to emphasize the idea – this for real fashionistas.

Dior Myladydior5/S Dior Panther 1/S Prada PR 19MS


Unisex Rocks

This year we noticed that there are much more unisex options than before. It is possible that the trend got influenced by slowing economy where ladies had to say no to many luxuries. Also, with continuous increase of woman joining men at work and putting on pant suits, more sunglasses are made to compliment this style.

Gucci 1951/S Prada PS 50MS Dior Havane/S


Printed Patterns

You already have a black pair of sunglasses, a tortoise and even white. Now is time to get something less conservative. Get printed pattern. Your favourite square or rectangular shape is still on, but with a stripy or animal print pattern it will look updated and so Spring 2011.

Gucci 3190/S Roberto Cavalli RC587S


Oversized Minimalism

Sunglasses have been getting bigger every year in the past few years. You hardly can even find narrow rectangular shapes and even those are kept mainly to fit prescription lenses. Anything fashion is now big. Big rounds, big squares, big aviators, big shields. What is notable this year is the minimal decor. Many models of 2011 are kept simple, with little decoration and narrow temples.

Gucci 3162/S Prada PR 17MS Dior Mitza 3/S


Something for Men – Heavy Bridge

Heavy bridge is big for men frames in 2011. This is probably one of distinguishing elements on homme-only frames. And even with unisex being so big this year, these frames won’t look good on many women, so men got something for themselves. Look for heavy bridge when shopping for men sunglasses this year.

Prada PS 04MS Gucci 1648/S Boss 0316/S

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