John Galliano Offensive Video Released to Public

Since last Friday fashion press has been discussing rumors about John Galliano allegedly offending Asian-Jewish couple for which he was fired the next day. We covered the initial news, House of Dior reaction which was essentially Galliano’s suspension from the job, and Galliano’s reaction to everything in prior articles.

As of today more information surfaced up, particularly a video, now available on YouTube where John Galliano says that he loves Hitler and that lady talking to him is ugly. On this video, John appears very drunk and not aggressive and in fact, quite playful.  But what he is saying is very clear. What is surprising is that he speaks English and is dressed apparently differently than on last week’s eventful night. This makes it obvious, that the video is from a different night. Has John been saying such things repeatedly?

It is also unclear whether the beginning and end of this video was cut. It is quite possible that John was responding to something when he said that he loves Hitler.

As we suspected Natalie Portman, Jewish, did not wear Dior gown to Oscar night on Sunday. She issued a statement earlier: “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today.”

Out of many stars expected to wear Dior, only Nicole Kidman was the one wearing a gown from 2009 collection.

Stay tuned for more news. Again, check John Galliano sunglasses and Dior Glasses and Dior Sunglasses collections to see what controversial talent has put together last year.

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