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March 28, 2011

Sunglasses for the Wedding

Photo courtesy of Doug Mcgoldrick Photography

Following our post on eyeglasses for your wedding, we are continuing the topic with sunglasses. Now when sun is coming to its full effect, having a descent pair of sunglasses is a must. If you are planning a big day, you should also be putting “getting sunglasses” on your to do list.

If you live in Chicago, we are very pleased to recommend you a great wedding photographer Doug McGoldrick. Check his portfolio website to see wonderful moments of many weddings he worked on. He also has a very informative blog dedicated to wedding tips and ideas – a must read for all brides and grooms seeking tips on photography, event vendors and even tips on family affairs surrounding your big day.

Doug and I will tell you that location and format of your event will drive many vendor decisions for your wedding. Location will also be a driving factor in choosing the style of your sunglasses. Nowadays more people opt in to do a destination wedding or a theme wedding as alternative to a local lavish format. Destination and theme require less formal attire, thus sunglasses should follow the overall style of the event. Formal format will require a more conservative style and color for your sunglasses.

Sport Glasses

If you plan to hold a ceremony on a yacht wearing swim trunks or somewhere on a hill overlooking the volcano, sport glasses are among first to consider. Not only they are made to stick to your face in active movement or strong wind, they are also very comfortable. Some premium brands have a series of sport sunglasses such as Prada Sport and Oakley. Among their collections you will find models that are still elegant and dressy and could be a great choice for the wedding.

Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 06LS Oakley Enduring Pace

Prescription Sunglasses

We already talked that relying on contact lenses on your wedding day is not a good idea. It may happen so that your eyes are too tired from a sleepless night before or you can experience excessive tearing. If your distance vision is bad, consider getting prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses should be small enough to fit the thick lenses and cannot be curved or shield shaped. Look for a full frame and avoid bear lens on the sides. While keeping this in mind you have a very broad selection among rectangular and oval shapes.

Gucci 3168/S Bvlgari BV8021B Boss 0339S

Glamorous Styles
If your dress is couture why not matching it with sunglasses that are as glamorous. A number of brand names specialize on such styles. Among them is Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Bvlgari. Other brand names such as Gucci, Dior, Tiffany and others have nice selection covering all levels of glamour to fit your taste. Go for oversized round or square to complete your model look.

Roberto Cavalli RC573S John Galliano JG0003 Bvlgari 8081B

Classic Styles
Wedding is a traditional event for many people. If you are trying to minimize attention to yourself and prefer simple elegant style, classic designs will be your best bet. Look for models that have little decoration on the temples and less pronounced logo. Avoid extreme black lenses and extreme shapes. Don’t worry, classic styles make a big part of premium brands collections – Gucci, Dior, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford.

Gucci 3140 Dior Volute 2/S Tom Ford TF0190

Other things to consider:


Polarized sunglasses lenses that cut off horizontal reflection. They are ideal for on-the-water events because water surface reflects sun and may cause excessive squinting. This being said, polarized lenses act as regular sun lenses on regular surfaces. You won’t see any difference wearing them in the park or on the street. In fact, a small distraction could be due to “rainbow” side effect when looking through the side of the glasses. Also, for the wedding, keep in mind that polarized lenses tend to be quite dark.

Frame Weight

When choosing frames for your wedding day beware of their weight. Very heavy frames will cause red markings on your nose and look funny when you take them off for pictures. Metal frames have this side effect more frequently than plastic due to all weight being concentrated on the small nose pads. We will also note, that size of frame matters, but not as much as frame design itself. Some oversized frames are very light and small oval or rectangular shapes can be very heavy. So, look for sunglasses that have thin frame and not too much solid metal decoration on the temples.

Don’t Delay

Finding a right pair can take several weeks. If you are filling prescription into your sunglasses, budget for another month to make sure you have enough time for redoes and lab losses that happen rarely but usually in the most critical moment. Also, if you want to save money and buy sunglasses online, plan for another two weeks for shipping and order filling. All together you should give yourself at least two months to get right glasses for your wedding.

March 23, 2011

Eyeglasses for the Wedding

Courtesy of Focus Production

While surprisingly not a common topic in wedding event planning books, getting right glasses and sunglasses should be on your prep list if you are organizing an event of your life. Your and your partners’ faces will be forever captured in photos and your guest memories.  You are spending tens of thousands of dollars on the event. Do yourself a favour – get a right pair of glasses. Depending on where you are spending most of your day – inside or outside, you may even need both glasses and sunglasses. In this article we will cover prescription glasses styles to fit your needs and will be getting into sunglasses in the next post.

So why do you need glasses? You may say, well I am coved, I’ve got contact lenses. Even if you are wearing contacts every day, getting a pair of glasses is still a good idea. Expect the unexpected. Wind may blow and cause excessive tearing that may wash off your lenses. You may even drop your own, natural tear during the ceremony or speeches. You may have a sleepless night before the big day and wake up to irritated eyes. Whether your plan on sticking to contacts or not, you should still have a decent pair of glasses.

Ok, what about styles? A number of factors may help you decide on a right type of frame.


This could be great if you normally don’t wear glasses. Rimless glasses are least noticeable on your face and won’t strike your partner or guest as a change on the day of event. They look very clean and dressy even with minimal decor. You can make a step further and get rimless frame with temples decorated with crystals or rein stones to go with your necklace and earrings. This will add richness to your overall look.

Roberto Cavalli RC0475 Tiffany TF1017B Boss 0322


Semi-rimless glasses make a great option if you need progressive lenses. During the day you will be looking different distances: far away into the crowd, close to you on your significant half and very close to read a bible or a speech. If you have trouble with both reading and distance vision, consider getting progressive lenses. This way not only you wouldn’t need to handle two pairs of glasses, but also look consistent on pictures. Ultimately you don’t want too much attention on your glasses so, having a one descent pair should be enough. This said, if your vision is very bad, we would recommend having a back-up pair, but this is a different subject. Rimless frames are also very suitable for progressive, but if you are not a fan of rimless, semi-rimless is a great alternative.

Tiffany TF1050 Gucci 1936 Boss 0236

Plastic Full Rim

These types of frames will let express your personal style in the best possible way. If you are young and trendy, geeky plastic frames will add charm, especially if you are a guy. Full rim frames look heavier on the face, but show more color and design. If you are used to wearing those and people are used to seeing you in them, by all means go for a similar full rim frame. You can also have some fun choosing a frame from the same brand as your suit or jewellery to match.

Dior 3181 Boss 0156 Gucci 1630

Metal Full Rim

Metal glasses are a great option if you want to experiment with color. More color combinations and temple designs are available in metal than in plastic. Also, if you like gold or silver metal is very suitable. In addition, metal frames have that perfect balance between disappearing rimless and bulky plastic full rim.

Bvlgari BV2075B Roberto Cavalli 0429 Gucci 1866/U

And here are a few Don’ts:

– Don’t get transition lenses. While it may sound like a great idea since transition lenses will darken on the sun and function as a sunglasses outside, they won’t look good on pictures. They will darken as long as they are exposed to the UV even when it’s cloudy . Also, prescription frames with dark lenses tend to look old fashion, this is how sunglasses looked 20 years ago.

– Don’t save on coatings. When filling your frames with lenses, make sure you request anti-glair coating. Otherwise glasses will reflect flash from camera and some pictures turn out bad.

– Don’t delay. Remember, just finding and buying a right frame may take a few weeks. It may take another few weeks to get prescription filled. Sometimes there are delays at the lab or lenses need to be redone. Budget at least two months for getting a right pair of glasses worry-free.

Congratulations on your occasion. We are glad to offer you a great selection of brand name glasses frames. Search our website for glasses by material, shape, type of frame and brand. Stay tuned for next articles.

March 22, 2011

Sunglasses Trends 2011

Following the overview of ophthalmic frame trends for 2011, we can’t wait to tell you what’s new for sunglasses. Unlike prescription glasses, that still in the bottom of mind are considered health items by many, sunglasses are all about fashion. General fashion trends are often passed on to sunglasses with each season. Sunglasses are also often worn by models during the runway shows. Here are some notable similarities for Spring 2011.

Cat Eye

Cat Eye is super big this season. There were few first movers last year testing the market. This year almost every fashion forward brand name has their version of cat eye. These shapes have a potential of becoming all time classic and we feel will stay current for the next 5 years at the very least. Presently you will find many variations of cat eye, more balanced and fitted for different face types. Some sunglasses models are even made with catty color to emphasize the idea – this for real fashionistas.

Dior Myladydior5/S Dior Panther 1/S Prada PR 19MS


Unisex Rocks

This year we noticed that there are much more unisex options than before. It is possible that the trend got influenced by slowing economy where ladies had to say no to many luxuries. Also, with continuous increase of woman joining men at work and putting on pant suits, more sunglasses are made to compliment this style.

Gucci 1951/S Prada PS 50MS Dior Havane/S


Printed Patterns

You already have a black pair of sunglasses, a tortoise and even white. Now is time to get something less conservative. Get printed pattern. Your favourite square or rectangular shape is still on, but with a stripy or animal print pattern it will look updated and so Spring 2011.

Gucci 3190/S Roberto Cavalli RC587S


Oversized Minimalism

Sunglasses have been getting bigger every year in the past few years. You hardly can even find narrow rectangular shapes and even those are kept mainly to fit prescription lenses. Anything fashion is now big. Big rounds, big squares, big aviators, big shields. What is notable this year is the minimal decor. Many models of 2011 are kept simple, with little decoration and narrow temples.

Gucci 3162/S Prada PR 17MS Dior Mitza 3/S


Something for Men – Heavy Bridge

Heavy bridge is big for men frames in 2011. This is probably one of distinguishing elements on homme-only frames. And even with unisex being so big this year, these frames won’t look good on many women, so men got something for themselves. Look for heavy bridge when shopping for men sunglasses this year.

Prada PS 04MS Gucci 1648/S Boss 0316/S
March 21, 2011

Ophthalmic Frames Trends 2011

Spring of 2011 is a true season of interesting innovations in prescription glasses trends. We made observations from a number of premium brand collections and have spotted similarities that hope you will follow.


Clear Frames

Clear frames have definitely kicked in. If you prefer plastic glasses over metal but always looked for something lighter on your face, clear is the way to go. Put these on and you will get a “disappearing” effect, similar to rimless. In the same time these glasses look dressy and unusual. These are a definite compliment sucker.

Prada PS 01BV Tiffany TF2016 Bvlgari BV4034B


Colorful Oversized Shapes

Oversized round and square shapes were on the market since last two years. As people just started to get used to them and only real fashionistas put them on, this year added even more fun to these retro rounders – color. Of course, black is still a hit, but if you are looking for something more suitable for your light hair or tanned skin, 2011 gives you more options:

Dior 3198 Gucci 1635 Dior 3198


Cat Eye

This intricate eyeglasses shape was slowly getting introduced back to the market through few sunglasses models in 2010. But not many expected that 2011 will became a real boom of cat eye shapes. Almost every premium designer has their version of cat eye glasses. While glasses may look a bit wild on the shelf, you should definitely try them on to see the result. The uplifted side corners open up eyes quite nicely on many face types and look especially good on round and square face shapes. Due to popularity of this shape this year, we added it to the menu for you to quickly find cat eye prescription glasses and cat eye sunglasses frames on our website.

Dior 3197 Dior 3203 Prada PR 23MV


Decorated Geeky Frames

By now people got used to black heavy geeky frames that no longer see a barrier in any of age or status categories. Some companies experimented with adding elements of decor to the temple and front of the frame to make those more appealing and girly.

Tiffany TF2035 Bvlgari BV4024 Gucci 3133


Navette Shapes

Navette is a real novelty of this year with few companies introducing their first versions. We expect much more next year, so if you are a first mover getting navette shaped eyewear will guarantee you first place on “Most Trendy” list. Disregarding whether you are into fashion or not, this shape will look great if you have a small face. Also looks great on Asians.

Gucci 3134 Prada 17MV Tiffany TF2033


Two Tone

Plastic frames remain all time favourites for many people. Fashion brands agreed to experiment with the color also offering two tone lamination options. Result is actually quite nice especially when light color is on the inner side illuminating the face from the inside.

Boss 0186 Prada PS 11AV Tiffany 2016

Another interesting looking option with two tones gradually flowing vertically or horizontally.

Gucci 3094 Gucci 3152 Dior 3204


We welcome you to visit our site to find more options for each trend. Search glasses by shape, by color, material type in the menu. Also, if you are after 2011 year collections simply type “2011” in search field and then sort by brand or category.

March 12, 2011

Real Heroes of Japan – Architects and Construction Scientists

Japan is one of the most susceptible country to earthquakes.

Yesterdays 8.9 magnitude earthquake is sixth strongest in recorded history of the world. Most recent disaster struck just 16 years ago in 1995 in Kobe taking over 6,400 people. 8.3 by Richter scale 1923 earthquake in Great Kanto took 140,000 people. Earlier 1896 8.5 Sanriku earthquake and tsunami killed 22,000. Another 8.1 quake, and resulting tsunami, hit the same region in 1933, killing 3,064.

While currently in the epicentre of the disaster, Japan is coping with sheltering from aftershocks, tsunami, nuclear station explosion and hundreds of collapsed houses and wracked roads. Today, a day after the disaster hit, world is watching speechless.

While watching raw footages of the catastrophe I can’t hide admiration to how well prepared the nation is to withstand the earthquake of this magnitude. With four major earthquakes occurring in the last 100 years according to predictions, one like this is expected to occur once per 2,000 years. The building code in Japan accounts for this happening in any year.

Multiple storey buildings are designed absorb the trembling of the earth. Base Isolation is architectural technique where the building at the ground level is mounted on large rubber blocks or sliding bearings. This allows the building to swing. The technique is now also used for sky scraper type buildings in the United States, Canada and countries where high winds are common. Steel carcass makes an underlying skeleton of such structures to provide necessary flexibility in case of natural disaster.

Sea walls in certain areas of Japan are over 40 feet high to shield from tsunamis. It has been reported that yesterday, tsunamis went over 10 meters on the north eastern shore triggering the flood that carried away close to 1000 people, cars, boats and landed airplanes. Should the seawalls be lower this number would have been many times larger.

The $20 million a year warning system consists of regional centers that send signals from 180 seismic stations across Japan. State of the art water-borne sensors are monitored 24 hours a day by a computerized Earthquake and Tsunami Observation System (ETOS).

The reaction to warning is well rehearsed in every single office and public building. By watching the video footages one can observe little chaos and immediate actions from people who silently hide under the desks, step away from the book cases in offices and food shelves in supermarket. In some footages we can see people wearing helmets as buildings still shake. No one can be fully prepared to an earthquake of this scale, but Japanese nation has demonstrated the world that each life is priceless and even statistically highly improbable earthquake is taken seriously by the government that creates building laws with single purpose to save lives.

This article is dedicated to Japanese architects, builders, construction workers and government officials who dedicated their lives to save lives of their peer citizens. Japan, fashion world folds the hearts for you today with respect and sorrow.

March 10, 2011

LVMH Buys Bvlgari – Acquisition of the Decade

Business as usual for LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), one of world’s largest fashion manufacturing corporation. It has been announced on March 7 that LVMH is to acquire Bulgari Corporation for a disclosed $5.2 billion (€3.7 billion). This is the largest LVMH purchase to date.

As mentioned in the earlier article Bulgari family is still very involved in managing the company. Currently a grandson of the founder Sotirio is a Chairman. Before the acquisition family owned the controlling 51% of the brand.  After the takeover Paolo and Nicola Bulgari chairman and vice chairman of the company, will get two seats on the board of LVMH as part of the deal.

The most recent deal for LVMH has been purchase of Hermes in October 2010. According to analysts Bvlgari deal is 82% costlier than Hermes due to amount offered per share. Total offering is 28.2 times EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). Some analytics have already expressed concern over the numbers calling them risky.

Bvlgari brand (spelled with V to emphasize Greek origin) was founded 125 years ago by Greek immigrant Sotirio Bulgari. Fashion brand is currently operating 230 stores across the world selling luxury jewelery goods and handbags, eyeglasses, watches and perfumes.

Despite all odds this is the most positive news for LVMH that is still recovering from John Galliano scandal. Bvlgari on it’s end is not without scandals either. Most recent being the ban of their ad with naked Julianne Moore posing. The ad was banned in Venice with President of Venice Foundation making remarks saying that ad is inappropriate and is better off in Hollywood. The remark itself sparked outrage and deemed racist since Moore is American. It was understood that if non-American model/actress posed naked that would be Ok for Venice St. Marcus square.

Bvlgari sunglasses and Bvlgari eyeglasses are among most luxurious eyewear items on the market. Emerald collection is a Spring 2011 novelty that is also presented through a series of sunglasses among them are BV6050BBV8079B and BV8081.

March 9, 2011

Gucci Sunglasses Spring 2011 Collection

Following a very successful 2010 year, Gucci is continuing to do designs that are both suitable for many people and fashionable. In 2011 Gucci took a safe path in choosing colors. Black and their best seller Tortoise, make most of their collection color tone and will suit people of any skin and hair color. Logo design has not changed since last year, and bright gold or gunmetal silver is still a signature on most of the frames.

Here are some 2011 frames that you should have a look at before shopping for any other brand.

Cat EyeCat Eye Gucci 2891 and Gucci 3162. These are the only cat eye frames from Gucci this year. Again, Gucci tries to remain conservative catering to majority, but as a fashionable brand they did follow the 2011 cat eye mania and released their version of it, one metal and one plastic.

Gucci 2891/S Gucci 3162/S

Bold Square Shapes are dominant. We already see that ladies enjoy what was supposed to be men models, among them Gucci 1648, Gucci 1945, Gucci 1641 and Gucci 1943. These models come in a variety of colors and will look amazing on both guys and girls.

Gucci 1648/S Gucci 1945/S
Gucci 1641/S Gucci 1943/S

Feminine Bold Squares. Of course, ladies first… so Gucci, understanding that ladies love big logos and wrapped around fitting, released these models to satisfy beauties that want latest 2011 square trend. Gucci 3170/S, Gucci 3170/N/S, Gucci 3169/S and Gucci 2892/S.

Gucci 3170/S Gucci 3170/N/S
Gucci 3169/S Gucci 2892/S

Bold Aviator. This is not a sweet, classic aviator any more. It is a military inspired, wide, thick aviator that is covering bigger part of your face. Gucci, along with Dior and Prada are setting this trend for 2011. If you want something new, here your go: Gucci 1639, Gucci 1944, Gucci 1566 and Gucci 1889.

Gucci 1639/S Gucci 1944/S
Gucci 1566/S Gucci 1889/S

Updated 2010 models include Gucci 3159, Gucci 3161, Gucci 3163, Gucci 3164. Last year Gucci totally rocked outselling big brand names such as Chanel. This year they are clearly set to win and instead of reinventing the wheel they updated a number of models without any trend following, just keeping their main colors and shapes that sold well.

Gucci 3159/S Gucci 3161/S
Gucci 3163/S Gucci 3164/S

Want to see more, visit our online eyewear store and type in search 2011, then choose Gucci in brand to see new Gucci Sunglasses and Gucci Glasses models.

March 1, 2011

John Galliano Offensive Video Released to Public

Since last Friday fashion press has been discussing rumors about John Galliano allegedly offending Asian-Jewish couple for which he was fired the next day. We covered the initial news, House of Dior reaction which was essentially Galliano’s suspension from the job, and Galliano’s reaction to everything in prior articles.

As of today more information surfaced up, particularly a video, now available on YouTube where John Galliano says that he loves Hitler and that lady talking to him is ugly. On this video, John appears very drunk and not aggressive and in fact, quite playful.  But what he is saying is very clear. What is surprising is that he speaks English and is dressed apparently differently than on last week’s eventful night. This makes it obvious, that the video is from a different night. Has John been saying such things repeatedly?

It is also unclear whether the beginning and end of this video was cut. It is quite possible that John was responding to something when he said that he loves Hitler.

As we suspected Natalie Portman, Jewish, did not wear Dior gown to Oscar night on Sunday. She issued a statement earlier: “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today.”

Out of many stars expected to wear Dior, only Nicole Kidman was the one wearing a gown from 2009 collection.

Stay tuned for more news. Again, check John Galliano sunglasses and Dior Glasses and Dior Sunglasses collections to see what controversial talent has put together last year.