John Galliano is Suspended by Dior for anti-Semitic and anti-Asian Accusations

Today since the morning, news is bombarding the media over another sensation on John Galliano, a leading designer for house of Dior for the past 14 years. According to news a couple (Jewish woman and Asian men) has filed a complaint against John Galliano regarding overheard conversation where John Galliano appeared anti-Semitic. As the day progresses and we were watching news on this topic quite closely and more details surfaced up.

In Yahoo news it has been reported that the couple had a fight and physical combat where slaps where fired. It also says that John was drunk. Incident occurred in Paris bar at around 9 pm on Thursday. Bar is located at Marais district, an old Jewish quarter that over the past decade has been rebuilt and turned into flourishing fashion and entertainment area of Paris.

According to Guardian UK website, a couple has already spoke to the press and radio and stated that among phrases said during argument were “Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead” and “Fucking Asian bastard, I will kill you”.

Dior is owned by Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy corporation and given the success with Louis Vuitton line in China and Hong Kong their concerns are not underestimated. Studies show that in China sale of authentic luxury goods grew 98% over the past year. Louis Vuitton’s biggest customers are already Chinese buyers, while Greater China represents 28.0 percent of sales for Swatch, 18.0 percent for Gucci, 14.0 percent for Bulgari and 11.0 percent for Hermes. Another interesting fact is that 52% of Chinese customers make luxurious purchases while traveling overseas. Luis Vuitton observed that as many as 30% of all customers in their London stores are Chinese tourists. Last week I went to New York store and personally can confirm at least 50% of people in the store where Asian, with some 50% of staff.

Management of House of Dior is supporting the notion that there is no room for racism and anti-Semitism in civilized business. By parting with John Galliano they are clearing their name.

With a 2011 Paris Fashion Week underway reactions to rumours are expected to heat up. John Galliano was to present two collections, one for Dior and one for his own brand John Galliano. Protests in front of halls showcasing the collections are inevitable. We will see how events unfold in Paris next week. America is anxiously waiting for Oscar Awards tomorrow. A number of celebrities were expected to wear Dior. Among them Charlize Theron, Jude Law and Natalie Portman. Portman is openly Jewish and is not clear whether she will still carry on Dior gown to the ceremony.

What is not clear is how John Galliano was tolerated by LVMH in the last few years when while still working for Dior supposedly full time, he is putting up his own private label on same fashion shows. Was this an oversight in the employment agreement? Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

In either case, we urge you to purchase John Galliano sunglasses as they may be on the way of becoming obsolete items.

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