Placed Advertisment Works for Eyeglasses

Britney in Tom Fords

Many argue that TV business that was dominating developed world in the past 50 years is now going away, specifically how advertisement part of the business. Short 50-60 seconds ads about a product showed between movies or TV shows is no longer  great way to expose  your goods. A new trend that takes advantage of idolizing celebrities has emerged – placed advertisement.

There is a history behind this. Over 20 years ago Adidas pioneered the idea of giving popular sport stars  their clothing and shoes to wear. It progressed into actually paying a fee to an athlete for agreement that their stuff will be worn exclusively. Today millions of dollars are paid through complex agreements that are dozens of pages thick. There could be encouraging terms such as a tennis star will get paid double  in the year it appears in a Grand Slam final for example.

Films  have been a great advertisement source as well. Many still remember Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing famous Ray Bans in the Terminator movie. Rolex watch in James Bond have also become a trademark. This tactic is called Brand Advertisement or Targeted Brand Placement. Currently there are whole agencies that do just that – place your brand on a person in the film or sport event to  get maximum exposure.

Paris Hilton in Diors

As of recently celebrities started to receive free goods sent to them with hopes that they will wear it. You may have wondered why Tom Ford eyeglasses have flooded Beverly Hills. Anyone from Britney Spears to Madonna is wearing them. Answer is simple – Tom Ford, a genius creative director, sends celebs his pre-released products. Other celebs are often seen wearing Bvlgari eyeglasses, Gucci sunglasses or even Roberto Cavalli glasses.

Eyeglasses  are probably the best items to be advertized this way. Paparazzi always try to get a head shot of the celebrity. And as you noticed these stars don’t come out without glasses, ironically protecting themselves from  flash cameras. So you see the photos in popular magazines such as People, Voque and others. Such ad trend is not as effective for less visible items like watches or shoes.

There were some exceptions that worked for shoes. Uggs and Crocks for example are very noticeable due to their shape and color. So celebrities did appear on photos wearing them. Britney Spears was one of them, and one would think why did she do it in the hottest summer? Perhaps she even got paid.

Kim Kardashian in Tom Fords

Movies tend to have more flexibility with pointing your eyes to a certain detail such as watches, underwear, cars etc. When arranged a director can always order a camera to stay still on certain detail for your brain to digest. One of the most recent target ads was Transformer movie with GM cars being showcased so memorably.
Internet has changed how we purchase things today.

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