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February 26, 2011

World Will Have to Wait for John Galliano Story Outcome

Yesterday we reacted to the news that John Galliano was suspended by Dior citing several reputable news sources such as Yahoo News and Guardian. News broke down early Friday after Thursday night incident involving John and a mixed Jewish and Asian couple. There has been a fight in a Paris bar where John, while under alcoholic influence, has made anti-Semitic and anti-Asian remarks. We closely watch the news today and here is an update.

A few more witnesses came through to protect John Galliano. According to Telegraph, among witnesses was John’s driver, who stands by John claiming that no such remarks were made and John actually got attacked by the couple first. An Asian man said something along the lines “get out of here”. And all that John said to this was “You’re ugly and your purse is ugly”.

Another witness who remains anonymous said that news are heavily exaggerated. There were no slaps or physical contact between the couple and John. There was a verbal argument and police was called to the scene. Police officers kindly asked both parties, John and the couple, to follow him to the police office. And they did in a quiet and civilized manner.

Fact that victim lady is Jewish were not yet confirmed.

John in a response to allegations has already filed a counter-claim against the couple. No apologies have been issued.

Clearly more news are still to come. Fact that Dior suspended John Galliano from his couture duties remains confirmed. Dior has issued a statement confirming the fact and stating the reason “zero-tolerance policy to anti-Semitic and anti-Racial attitude”.

I think what is most notable in this story, is that it is a first time Asians are being a target of racism involving a high profile public figures. In the last few years, while still publicly unnoticed, Chinese are a main subject in Yahoo news comment section. You see less and less anti-black remarks and more and more anti-Chinese.

Reason is clear. As China is rising, Asian consumers are gaining more power, thus are subject to jealousy. It has been already reported that they make at least 30% of direct consumer base for Gucci (including Gucci sunglasses), Luis Vuitton and Swatch. According to the study made by Proactive Investors that developing rich Chinese consumer base is around 15 years younger than fully developed American and European consumer base. This can explain the taste and need to luxurious brands. The fact that in China many of rich consumers are first and second generations rich as compared to American/European fourth or fifth, can also attribute to crave to brand name items. John Galliano brand could have become one of admired by Asian population including his heavily promoted John Galliano sunglasses.

We will be watching this story and report back to you. Stay tuned!

February 26, 2011

John Galliano is Suspended by Dior for anti-Semitic and anti-Asian Accusations

Today since the morning, news is bombarding the media over another sensation on John Galliano, a leading designer for house of Dior for the past 14 years. According to news a couple (Jewish woman and Asian men) has filed a complaint against John Galliano regarding overheard conversation where John Galliano appeared anti-Semitic. As the day progresses and we were watching news on this topic quite closely and more details surfaced up.

In Yahoo news it has been reported that the couple had a fight and physical combat where slaps where fired. It also says that John was drunk. Incident occurred in Paris bar at around 9 pm on Thursday. Bar is located at Marais district, an old Jewish quarter that over the past decade has been rebuilt and turned into flourishing fashion and entertainment area of Paris.

According to Guardian UK website, a couple has already spoke to the press and radio and stated that among phrases said during argument were “Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead” and “Fucking Asian bastard, I will kill you”.

Dior is owned by Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy corporation and given the success with Louis Vuitton line in China and Hong Kong their concerns are not underestimated. Studies show that in China sale of authentic luxury goods grew 98% over the past year. Louis Vuitton’s biggest customers are already Chinese buyers, while Greater China represents 28.0 percent of sales for Swatch, 18.0 percent for Gucci, 14.0 percent for Bulgari and 11.0 percent for Hermes. Another interesting fact is that 52% of Chinese customers make luxurious purchases while traveling overseas. Luis Vuitton observed that as many as 30% of all customers in their London stores are Chinese tourists. Last week I went to New York store and personally can confirm at least 50% of people in the store where Asian, with some 50% of staff.

Management of House of Dior is supporting the notion that there is no room for racism and anti-Semitism in civilized business. By parting with John Galliano they are clearing their name.

With a 2011 Paris Fashion Week underway reactions to rumours are expected to heat up. John Galliano was to present two collections, one for Dior and one for his own brand John Galliano. Protests in front of halls showcasing the collections are inevitable. We will see how events unfold in Paris next week. America is anxiously waiting for Oscar Awards tomorrow. A number of celebrities were expected to wear Dior. Among them Charlize Theron, Jude Law and Natalie Portman. Portman is openly Jewish and is not clear whether she will still carry on Dior gown to the ceremony.

What is not clear is how John Galliano was tolerated by LVMH in the last few years when while still working for Dior supposedly full time, he is putting up his own private label on same fashion shows. Was this an oversight in the employment agreement? Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

In either case, we urge you to purchase John Galliano sunglasses as they may be on the way of becoming obsolete items.

February 17, 2011

Oakley Steps Up To Help Fight Breast Cancer

In the last 100 years millions of women passed away to breast cancer. Although in the last 10 years statistics has been steadily improving, breast cancer is still tragic problem. Improvement is a result of huge amount of research performed across the world and millions of dollars raised in the United States and Europe.

But statistics are still very brutal . In the United States breast cancer has the highest recorded incidental rate as compared to the rest of the world: 298 out of 100 thousand in the past year. Breast cancer is second most common after skin cancer.

Before writing this article I didn’t know that breast cancer has second largest mortality rate, only proceeded by lung cancer. Two years ago it was a reason for 40,000 deaths in the United States. That made 2% of all deaths among woman. To my surprise there were around 500 men who died of breast cancer in that year out of 2000.

Breast cancer is also one of the earliest forms of cancers recorded in medical history. Perhaps because of its visual factors since it affects external organs. The first mentioning of it was in 1600 BC recorded in Egypt. Mastectomy – a surgical removal of breast was performed since 6th century and was a cause of death in a large percentage of cases. It wasn’t until 1800 when only affected breast tissue and lymph nodes were removed from the breast preserving most of the organ. However breast cancer was not as frequent as today because most of people didn’t live long enough to have it, dying before age of 50.

Presently breast cancer fundraising is very active. As of recently, month of October is deemed a National Breast Cancer Awareness month with many fund raisers taking place across the world. Such activities are carried out to promote mammography, a screening test that allows catching the disease in early, most curable stage. Big percentage of money raised goes towards service and equipment for the mammography with the goal to make it free of charge. Pink ribbon is a national emblem of the breast cancer awareness.

More and more media coverage is available on prevention of breast cancer. It has been proven that alcohol and smoking are among main causes of cancer. Also rapid weight gain and declined breast feeding are among known factors. Some studies uncovered that those women who maintained their normal weight throughout adult life had 50% less risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

Oakley Dangerous

Oakley Dangerous Sunglasses

A number of companies have been particularly active in giving and raising money for breast cancer research. There are thousands of charity dinners, fund raising activities involving profit sharing from sales, dedicated lotteries and online campaigns carried out every year. Over $100 million dollars is raised every year. Oakley, one of the most renowned American brands has launched a signature pink ribbon Oakley Sunglasses, proceeds of sales of which goes toward breast cancer research every year. Over $600,000 was donated in 2009 as a result of this campaign. We are so happy to find this statistics and share them with you. Knowing is power!

This beautiful sunglass is called Oakley DANGEROUS and retails for only $220.

February 16, 2011

The History of New Look From Dior

Christian Dior had an incredible intuition that led him to ultimate success. His first couture house opened in 1946, after the WWII. He was able to capitalize on a depressed mood of post war France and give women a new image. His friend back in childhood once said “The magic name consists of words God and Gold”.

The Parisian elite was simply stunned when the 90 models started to defile the runway decorated with pale gray and white stucco in the style of Louis XVI. Rumours of this collection  swell quickly throughout France. Christian Dior at the time was an ordinary tailor in a model  house Lucien Lelong.

Sculpted shoulders,  thin waist, rounded hips, developing long skirts, a veil that hides your eyes, gloves and a light step – conveyed the image of the femininity, which was lacking during the war. Almighty editor in chief of Harper’s Bazar Caramel Snow enthusiastically declared: “Dear Christian, this is totally new look!” That was enough to ensure that expression was used throughout the world.

Although Christian Dior died soon of a heart attack at age of 52, he died as famous as Ghandi. He was an admired “boss”, generous and happy. He led a quiet life trying to keep his private life away from the public. He had many friends and had tight relationships with many of them. “Women will help you succeed” one friend once said. Christian Dior learnt to listen to what people say and analyze. He tried to be ahead of the others.

Christian Dior, born in 1905 in Normandy, was a son of a rich chemical fertilizer factory owner. His mother, a woman of very strict traditional  background, didn’t get along with her son very well. When she ordered to grow a garden around their family mansion, Christian volunteered to help or order to find a common interest with her. Gardening turned into a lifelong love of flowers. He used flowers in his designs and lily, his favourite, to pluck the buttonhole instead of an ordinary button.

Since that time he became interested in the style of Louis XVI, light and bright, which made decorations in a private hotel on the Dior Montaigne Avenue. Because of his disapproving mother who wanted him to be an architect or a diplomat, Dior lived in the shadow of his creative friends, even after opening his own art gallery sponsored by his father. A  present came with one condition – the designer was not allowed to hang out the name of Dior on the facade, because Christian’s mother was ashamed of his son.

After 1929, when his family lost their wealth, a hard time began for Christian Dior – a life in the house without electricity, running water and a leaking roof. Freed, to some extent from the power of the  controlling personality of his mother, he finally decided to take up design.

So he lived, working hard until age of 40 when Marcel Boussac knocked as his door offering a position in his company. Dior’s talents shined to their fullest and his genius design skills got combined with his business ego. Today, sixty years later, Christian Dior is a leading fashion house, now part of Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Cocteau was right, Dior name is worth a name of Gold.

Today John Galliano is a lead designer of Haute D’Dior. He has been working in this position for 20 years. Energetic Galliano, just like Christian Dior, came out by surprise and has proven to be worthy of continuing Dior tradition. Both Dior Sunglasses and John Galliano Sunglasses are available in our store along with prescription Dior Eyeglasses frames. Some of the most beautiful are for preview below.


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February 9, 2011

Placed Advertisment Works for Eyeglasses

Britney in Tom Fords

Many argue that TV business that was dominating developed world in the past 50 years is now going away, specifically how advertisement part of the business. Short 50-60 seconds ads about a product showed between movies or TV shows is no longer  great way to expose  your goods. A new trend that takes advantage of idolizing celebrities has emerged – placed advertisement.

There is a history behind this. Over 20 years ago Adidas pioneered the idea of giving popular sport stars  their clothing and shoes to wear. It progressed into actually paying a fee to an athlete for agreement that their stuff will be worn exclusively. Today millions of dollars are paid through complex agreements that are dozens of pages thick. There could be encouraging terms such as a tennis star will get paid double  in the year it appears in a Grand Slam final for example.

Films  have been a great advertisement source as well. Many still remember Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing famous Ray Bans in the Terminator movie. Rolex watch in James Bond have also become a trademark. This tactic is called Brand Advertisement or Targeted Brand Placement. Currently there are whole agencies that do just that – place your brand on a person in the film or sport event to  get maximum exposure.

Paris Hilton in Diors

As of recently celebrities started to receive free goods sent to them with hopes that they will wear it. You may have wondered why Tom Ford eyeglasses have flooded Beverly Hills. Anyone from Britney Spears to Madonna is wearing them. Answer is simple – Tom Ford, a genius creative director, sends celebs his pre-released products. Other celebs are often seen wearing Bvlgari eyeglasses, Gucci sunglasses or even Roberto Cavalli glasses.

Eyeglasses  are probably the best items to be advertized this way. Paparazzi always try to get a head shot of the celebrity. And as you noticed these stars don’t come out without glasses, ironically protecting themselves from  flash cameras. So you see the photos in popular magazines such as People, Voque and others. Such ad trend is not as effective for less visible items like watches or shoes.

There were some exceptions that worked for shoes. Uggs and Crocks for example are very noticeable due to their shape and color. So celebrities did appear on photos wearing them. Britney Spears was one of them, and one would think why did she do it in the hottest summer? Perhaps she even got paid.

Kim Kardashian in Tom Fords

Movies tend to have more flexibility with pointing your eyes to a certain detail such as watches, underwear, cars etc. When arranged a director can always order a camera to stay still on certain detail for your brain to digest. One of the most recent target ads was Transformer movie with GM cars being showcased so memorably.
Internet has changed how we purchase things today.