Blog of the Week – Finance Source From a Professional

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a great finance tutorial website:

This website is created by my former Finance professor Barry Bisson. Out of many business courses that I took in the past, what initially sounded like a boring course, Finance by Barry turned out to be one of the most exciting ones. Finance is very practical course.  Here you really start understanding the value of business or product measured by money in the past, present and future tense.  Barry’s teaching style is very practical – each concept was presented in frames of a business case which made it even more practical.

Barry is kind enough to create this amazing source and post all sort of materials on his website: entire tutorials, finance spreadsheets and information on theoretical concepts of finance. Barry is too kind, given that each of us paid close to $30K for the program, and to be “financially correct” about $3,000 per course – you get it all for free.

Another great thing about Barry, he is a President of an amazing organization Shad Valley International. Shad Valley is a non-profit organization that runs a prestigious summer program for 10-12 grade school students focused on entrepreneurship and business. If I would describe this program in one phrase, I would say it’s essentially a short version of an MBA for high school students. Program is organized with a support from local businesses and is known to carry out a very exciting curriculum bringing high profile CEOs and business owners as speakers on a daily basis. Children, or I should say, young people, get to learn the basics of business first hand from successful entrepreneurs, accomplished scientists and university professors. Enrollment is highly competitive with tough academic and personal requirements. Candidates have to submit an application over 9 months in advance that includes proof of academic achievements and essays describing motivation, followed by interview.

So if you qualify by age, you should apply to Shad. If you pass the age, no worries, you can catch up reading his website

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