Blogs of The Week

Ok, we continue to mention other blogs that we found interesting this week. Before going into details, we discovered a fun place to keep all blog in one place Bloglovin. Here you can track all new posts by your favorite bloggers, tag them, follow them etc. Main advantage is that you can quickly glimpse through new articles of your favorite blogs – all in one place, very easy and convenient. If you’d like to keep track of our blog that way, we are here: Eyeinform Bloglovin

Ok, here is a list. Of course, those of you that are kind enough to notice your blog here, we hope you return the favor and mention us on your blog. We will be even nicer in return and give you $10 coupon.

A Style File is a nice blog run by Allyson. Very clean, minimalistic blog about little things that make women happy: bags, shoes, cosmetics, nail care and so forth. Allyson is professional publicist, so her blog is a good place to learn how pros do it.

The Pop Buzz is a blog about pop culture, music, art, film, cultural events and everything that makes a culture. Neat idea to put music on the home page, at equally neat that you can pause the music right away.

Hey World Xo is a fashion oriented blog. Also found on Bloglovin Yey! Cute posts about new streams, fashion events, opinions etc. Hey World, did you know we are also in Toronto?

If you want us to write about your blog, give us a shout.

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