Lady Gaga – Sunglasses Match

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Lady Gaga is a phenomenon, an inspiration, a surprise and just WOW for many. Today a few even attempt to criticize her surreal dresses – there is simply no words to find to describe her countless looks. It is funny that nowadays you can see judgmental articles about how Kate Middleton dresses or Caroline Wozniacki, but you don’t find mass media being overly prejudicial to Lady Gaga. She is in her own universe.

We found that there is one part of her attire that looks “normal”, more or less – her sunglasses. In fact if there is anything more or less matchable, that would be her glasses. Of course, many of these were designed by her and custom made to fit overall costume idea. But shape and color wise there is still a lot of styles out there that could remind you of hers. So, you can go ahead, buy these and then say “these are Lady Gaga inspired sunglasses”.


Versace VE2109B, $204.00 Bvlgari BV 651B, $267.00 DIOR INDINIGHT 2, $300.00
Oakley Miss Conduct, $185.00 GUCCI 2875, $228.00 Tiffany TF3010B, $240.00

Square Shaped

John Galliano JG0006, $225.00 Tiffany TF4041, $160.00 Roberto Cavalli RC518S, $180.00

Cat Eye Shaped

Dior BAGATELLE, $240.00 John Galliano JG0007, $235.00

Round and Perfect Round

GUCCI 3138, $185.00 Prada PR 06MSA, $191.00 Bvlgari BV8070B, $195.00
Dior BONVOYAGE, $210.00 GUCCI 2846, $210.00 Tom Ford TF0167, $210.00
Tiffany TF4022B, $212.00 Roberto Cavalli RC508S, $225.00 Roberto Cavalli RC525S, $225.00


John Galliano JG0005, $235.00 John Galliano JG0010, $340.00 Oakley Livestrong Radar Path, $185.00

2 Comments to “Lady Gaga – Sunglasses Match”

  1. nice post. You found good matches. Are these all current models?

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