Fashion Blogs – Get Engaged It’s Fun

You can’t blog about yourself all the time, can you? At some point you just run out of ideas. That is why we will be writing about other blogs and bloggers out there. Reasons are obvious :

–       they share same passions as we do – fashion and beauty

–       they express their unbiased opinion for everyone to analyse and make conclusions

–       they are entertaining 🙂

The Fashion Mishap run by Sammy. Dear, we wish your dreams come true and you become both a doctor and a model soon.

I Feel Like I Dreamt IT is well established blog run by Lara who works for Look Magazine. You can tell she is marketing professional. She is active, expresses her thoughts well and must be typing faster than puma runs. In just under 6 months this lady produced 128 articles. Amazing!

From Do’s To Shoes Styling Blog run by image maker Jana Stern. Most articles are covering useful topics on how to dress, buy stuff and feel confident. Where are you located Jana?

We wish you all fun blogging in 2011!

And remember, every blogger who writes about us will get a $10 coupon in our online eyewear store. We ship worldwide, so don’t worry, we’ve got your eyes covered 🙂

2 Responses to “Fashion Blogs – Get Engaged It’s Fun”

  1. I am searching a trendy fashion blog where i can participate and discus things, but most of them are personal dress fantasies.


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