Slava (Vyacheslav) Zaitsev – a Patriot of Russian Fashion

While Slava Zaitsev hasn’t released a collection of fashion eyewear yet, we still would like to dedicate this article to him. Today, if you poll regular Russian citizens on busy streets with question “Who is a face of Russian fashion”, 90% of a chance you will hear Zaitsev name. He has entered fashion industry back in USSR when industry was mainly concentrated on making clothing for everyday wear – there was no such a thing as beautiful appearance, or trend. But there was a Fashion House that belonged to the state. There in Moscow Zaitsev worked making clothing for state front people, Olympic athletes and theatre. By the end of 80s Zaitsev became a Chief Designer of the House and with USSR collapse took over the management of then privatized establishment.

Despite of glory and commercial success, Zaitsev is known to be extremely down to earth, kind person who loves general people. He refuses from celebrity status and often comes down to streets to talk to bypassers about their feel of and sense the current trend.

Now about the reason for the article – style. Over the 50 years of active creativeness, Zaitsev has established very interesting style that is based on Russian history and Tsar era attire. As hard it is to incorporate these elements in present outfits, Zaitsev manages to make sure that red and gold, round shapes, accessories and natural fur is a must have in each of his collections. Perhaps this boldness is a reason why he is a real trend setter in Russia. When in the past few years of recession many French and even American designers disappointed by cutting corners in creativity and cheer, Zaitsev comes out particularly interesting with his brave color, shape and fabric combinations. Enjoy the gallery!


3 Comments to “Slava (Vyacheslav) Zaitsev – a Patriot of Russian Fashion”

  1. Valentin Yudashkin is also the prominent fashion designer from Russia. Of the designer’s latest interesting creations was the uniform for the Russian army forces.

    • Yes, Yudashkin is also one of the first and well known. Zaitsev did uniform design for Russian police 🙂

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Super cool. I wish they sell this in Toronto.

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