Tom Ford – Master of Minimalism

Since 2005 when Tom Ford announced his own brand, he launched clothing, perfume, accessory collections. His eyewear collection however made the most buzz.

Unlike many other designers, Tom Ford completed his education in architecture. He is a person with extreme learning

ability – after just few years of working at not so mainstream Ellis Perry, starting in PR, he took on the challenge to reinvent Gucci as a Creative Director – not something you’d expect from an American bred architect.




Tom Ford eyewear is designed very much on principles of architecture – shape is everything. When other brands such as

Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Gucci etc are concentrating on decoration of the temple – side of the eyeglasses, Tom Ford is concentrating on the frame – front of the eyeglasses. One may think that many frames look similar, but after you imagine your face in it, you will realize how much difference a slight deviation of an angle can make.


His unique factor is simplicity, just unambiguous genius simplicity. You will find every simple shape in Tom Ford sunglasses and Tom Ford eyeglasses: square, just like TF5147, rectangular just like TF5149, oval, round and even bow shape just like TF0175. In fact Tom Ford eyeglasses are the only ones that have aviator shape in prescription variant. He is the only one who has a perfect round shape in plastic material just like TF5150. I would however note, his style is not in primitivism, it’s in minimalism. Frames are made with lots of thinking about face curvatures making sure glasses fit and are comfortable. There are many bridge and eye sizes satisfied in both 2009 and 2010 collections.


We only wish he would have more options for ladies and hopefully in 2011 it’s all yet to come.

One Comment to “Tom Ford – Master of Minimalism”

  1. As Tom Ford’s other stuff (clothing, perfumes etc.), his line of eye-wear is absolutely astonishing. Looking forward to add them to my collection 🙂

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