Sunglasses for Justin Bieber

It has been reported that Justin Bieber was shopping for sunglasses in Kitchener, Ontario on the Boxing Day this year. For those who don’t know, Boxing Day in Canada is equivalent to Black Friday in USA.

We are very pleased that he has been shopping for glasses as he, along with many other celebrities, understands that sunglasses is one of the major fashion items one can wear. For people like him glasses come with the value add function – they block  flashlight from cameras. Of course wearing sunglasses on stage all the time is considered rude – there got to be some eye connection with the fans, but no one blames Justin for wanting more protection during the casual walk on the streets of Kitchener 🙂

John Galliano JG0017

Ok, now about styles, we think Justin will look good on this John Galliano JG0017 – they will add more masculine touch to his pretty face. In the same time they will go well with his casual, sporty style making it more glamorous.

Prada PS 52ES

He will look good in these Gucci shields GG 2800 – they will create cool vibe and add almost this “untouchable” feel to his appearance. Same result will be achieved in these Prada shields PS 52ES .

This classic aviator Tom Ford FT0035 will be good on the stage because of the lighter lens. Perhaps this is a walk around having more exposed eye while still wearing sunglasses. Same result will be achieved in these Gucci 1609

John Gallliano JG0019

But if our beloved Justin Beieber wants people to stop talking badly about his style, he should be pulling off something unconventional and fashionable, for example these Galliano’s JG0002 or even these JG0019

In either case, he should be shopping online to avoid the mess with paparazzi. Eyeinform is perfect for that.

2 Responses to “Sunglasses for Justin Bieber”

  1. Belieber is developer developer developer. What shades are on him in this pic?


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