John Galliano Eyewear – Discovery of the Year

"My role is to seduce" John Galliano

John Galliano has done something right this year, he launched a line of John Galliano sunglasses. He must have been inspired after watching Dior line sell so well. There are plenty of choices for ladies and for men which is just fair. When popular labels such as Roberto Cavalli have completely dropped men line and Bvgari, Tiffany have extremely scarce selection, John Galliano went all in for men.

You will find both plastic and metal material, many shape types from aviators to rectangular and wide variety of colors in each model. There is also a great price range going from low $300s to $700 retail. But right after mentioning the price we must mention the quality. With his eyewear debut Johny showed he is serious about glasses business because quality is superb. Each frame shows lots of hand work in layering various materials, exquisite lens shapes and even color mixes.


Galliano frames are true designer items. No frame is trivial or cheap looking.

Galliano has proven once again he is a king of fashion. What one can call Elton John style, some frames are very extravagant. Just take a look at JG0008 or JG0012

and you will know what I am talking about. JG0010 is a signature piece – must have for boldest fashioniastas.


Galliano has showed some character. He is superstitious as there is no model #13 in this collection. Many frames made it to our collection of clubbing sunglasses.

Thank you John for taking a part in eyewear business and for creating such an amazing line of sunglasses. We wish you all the best and are waiting for prescription frame designs in the upcoming year.

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  1. an artist for sure. Thanks for stopping by.


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