Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Trends of 2010

As 2010 is coming to an end we would like to conclude with overview of the new trends that could be observed in eyewear fashion throughout the year.

They continued becoming rounder

It is evident that eyeglasses, especially sunglasses were getting bigger and rounder just like this Dior’s Myladydior.

We can say with confidence that round shape has the largest count in our current sunglass collection.

More experiment

What we used to call “classical” was definitely going away throughout the year. Guccis, Diors, Cavallis and Pradas while trying to relate to their signature shapes were much more experimental this year. This applies to both color and shape particularly in ophthalmic just like this Gucci 2883. We saw much more red, purple and white. Some companies were experimenting with material introducing leather, jeans and coloured decorative stone to the frames or simply combining metal with plastic in one frame.

Shiled rocked

Almost every brand we sell had at least few shield models just like this Bvlgari BV6029B. Without question shield is popular for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Because shield frames are mounted on metal carcass along with adjustable nose pads, it makes frame much more flexible and friendly to many face shapes and bridge sizes. Shield shape also wraps around the face providing for more sun coverage on the sides. These best sellers also look stunning!

Interesting observation our staff had is that currently among newest models (2011) there is no gold frame shield frames. There is really no explanation to this, but it’s the fact – you won’t find a gold shield frame today.

Plastic progressed

Ugly Betty frame types gained popularity in 2009 that reached the peak in the middle of 2010. Retro nerd vintage look spectacles now come in huge variety making at least 15% of each ophthalmic collection. Prime example would be this Prada PR 01NV. Although we note, this is a diminishing trend in 2011 among younger people, but adults are just now starting to catch up.

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