Festive Eyeglasses

This year our beloved brand names are especially creative with designs that are suitable for parties. Generally we see the clear trend in frames, even those for every day, work wear that they are much more decorated than before. You see more rhinestones, color and material combination on one frame. Companies are getting very creative and over the past year we saw new materials present in a frame that appeared impractical for the first glace but ended up to be good sellers. I am talking about such materials as pure wood, leather or even cotton jeans.

So while you are thinking what prescription frames you can buy that will go well with your festive ensemble, here are few suggestions:

Gucci 3002

This plastic prescription Gucci frame has combination material temple made quite interestingly. While still having a Gucci signature logo pattern it also has two rows of rhinestones that make it very dressy. This frame comes in a variety of colors (black, red and two types of brown) and should satisfy any taste.

Bvlgari BV2075B

Bvlgari, a famous jewellery maker, has created this metal prescription frame to serve you as a jewellery item while still carry the function of eyeglasses.  Big crystals stand out beautifully creating especially posh and high end feel. Combination of plastic and metal on the temple visually weight out the heavy crystal adding elegance to this frame.

Tiffany TF2011B

This elaborate Tiffany prescription frame does truly look like a jewellery item. Large rhinestone sun shaped buckle on the temple is a signature item in the 2010 collection. Frame comes in beautiful pink and brown in addition to black. When wearing this frame you no longer need to worry about earrings – frame will work for two.

Prada PR 13MV

While having a reputation in more of a sporty style eyewe

ar, Prada created this frame to give you an option of dressed up eyewear. Plastic frame comes in a beautiful red, purple, brown, tortoise and black. Row of rhinestones on a unobtrusive metal  belt makes this frame very elegant and dressy – will be perfect if you want to look festive but without making a loud statement.

Roberto Cavalli RC0475

Cavalli is a leader festive eyewear maker. Every frame has design of incredible beauty. When some people are referring to term “designer eyewear”, they probably thinking of Roberto Cavalli glasses. We picked this frame for this article because it is an example of a rimless frame that is very decorated and dressed up. Metal flowers with rhinestone middle will add that festivity you are looking for while providing for a light frame to open the face. This is a true classic to enjoy.

Please browse Eyeinform – your ultimate eyewear online store, for more styles to pick your perfect pair of glasses for the holiday season.

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